Bond Proposal

Bond Transparency Act of 2017
Evidence of Indebtedness Form
Name of School District: ISD #23 Texas County, OK (Hooker Public Schools)
Address: P.O. Box 247
Hooker, OK 73945

Date of New Bond Election: April 3, 2018
Amount of New Bond Election: $760,000

Projects to be completed with New Bond Election Proceeds:

Construct, equip and furnish Football Field upgrades to include but not be limited to: concession stand and bleachers; technology upgrades to include but not be limited to: computers and smart technology; acquire and install new playground equipment and surface repairs and construct shelters for new buses; and acquire student transportation equipment.

Amount of bonds outstanding from previous bond election(s): n/a

Previous Bond election date(s): n/a

Projects from previous bond election(s):

If real property is included, provide street address: