Board Agenda


Regular Meeting

December 9, 2019      6:30 p.m.                                

Superintendent’s Office, 220 N. Swem




I.                    Roll Call

II.                  Pledge and Prayer

III.                Reading and Approval of Minutes

IV.                Public Participation

(To optimize time, public comment is limited to 2 minutes per person, 15 minutes total and must be related to agenda items.)

V.                  Principals’ Reports

VI.                Superintendent’s Report

VII.              Items for Board Action and Financial Review

(Items A-C represent “Consent Agenda” items and may be acted on with one vote or any item may be voted on separately if any member of the board desires to do so.)

A.      Consideration of vote to approve or disapprove Encumbrances

B.   Consideration of vote to approve or disapprove reports on General, Building, Activity Funds, and Treasurer’s Report

C.    Consideration of vote to approve or disapprove Fundraiser for Vo-Tech class to build cornhole game boards, tic tac toe game boards, and dog houses

VIII.           Consideration of vote to approve or disapprove hiring Robert Smith as Detention Center teacher

IX.           Discussion and possible vote to enter into proposed Executive Session pursuant to 25 O.S. Section 307(b) (1) to the Open Meetings Act to discuss the evaluation of the Superintendent of Schools

X.                  Vote to Return to Open Session

XI.              Consideration of vote to approve or disapprove extension of contract with Dan Faulkner as Superintendent of Schools

XII.              New Business

XIII.            Vote to adjourn